Specialty Roofing

Specialty roofing systems like standing seam roofs are aesthetically pleasing as well as provide energy savings. There are many style and color options with a class A fire resistant product and can be the last roof your home will need.


Hello. I’m Jeff Folsom and I’ve been in the roofing and construction industry for over 20 years. Did you know that beyond composition shingles they’re are several types of specialty roofing systems? Aside from their aesthetic value standing seam roofing systems provide energy savings through reflectivity of the panel. It is a class A fire resistant product. It also gives you many style and color options for your roofing system. Metal roofing systems are known to be one of the resilient systems when it comes to wind, hurricane or tornado damage. A metal roofing system is not only the last roofing system your home will ever need, it is one of the best looking roofing systems available today. Stone coated steel offers many products that resemble all types of various specialty roofing systems: Tile, Wood, Metal, etc. Stone coated steel roofing systems are considered to have energy efficient roofing system resulting in reduction of heat gain by as much as 45% in comparison to a conventional asphalt shingles. Stone coated steel also offers extreme resistance to high winds and it withstood wind tests of up to 170 miles per hour. It also comes with the highest fire and hail resistance rating in the industry. Slate roofing has been prized for its strength and beauty following its rise in popularity through the American early years. Unfortunately most homes were not built to structurally support the weight of traditional slate. Simulated slate was created and designed to look like traditional slate, but weighs a lot less. When you choose simulated slate as a roofing system for your residence you will have an abundant amount of color options and blends to make a unique roof for your home. You should know that all of the specialty roofing systems I mentioned are classified as impact resistant and meet the UL2218 impact resistant level of classification. And don’t forget, no matter what type of specialty roof you go with, it’s important to choose the right company for the job. So contact Alpine Roofing Construction today.